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4 Systems that work together

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Online food ordering website

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Fast and easy to use EPOS system

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Android and iPhone mobile Apps

Customers can pay by Card
You control your menu and prices
Create your own discount schemes
Analytics module
Driver management portal
Flexible delivery distance checker
SMS functionality
FREE technical support
Secure Multiuser level system access
Caller Id/Postcode and address lookup
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Welcome to iMenuWeb Food ordering systems. The fact that you have arrived here shows very clearly that you are a forward thinking business owner who is not satisfied with the heavy reliance on shared platforms such as JustEat. Justas’s success in the market has led to a rise in commissions and additional fee's.


Have you ever considered how different things could be if you didn't rely so heavily on JustEat? It is possible and many of our clients, takeaway and restaurant owners just like you have done just that.


iMenuWeb offers your business a state of the art fast food restaurant website which mimics the ordering process of JustEat. New and existing customers can order food directly from any mobile device, laptop or from your very own IOS and Android App.


Many takeaway and restaurant owners such as yourself are made to pay extortionate amounts of commission to companies such as JustEat totalling thousands every year.


There is a solution, the iMenuWeb fast food restaurant website will enable you to channel your existing customers into your very own website. We don't charge commissions, so you can generate thousands each month and whilst not worrying about losing large chunks of profit through rising rates of commission.


As part of the many services that we offer, here at iMenuWeb we have made it very easy to reach your customers via SMS and email. This type of direct marketing has been proven to be the most effective way of attracting interest to your website.


We are committed to helping you to create awareness about your website. Your success is our success, we will help you every step of the way until your online business is booming.


Why not give us a try, you have nothing to lose!